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Hello and welcome! Music is a wonderful thing. This blog is here to guide you through the world of music. Whether it's buying music instruments or playing them, this blog will be your go-to source. Each article (which has been written by a keen amateur musician) will focus on one facet of music - but don't worry: they work together to create an ultimate guide for understanding this absorbing topic. In fact, we think our blog can help anyone from complete beginners to master musicians. Check back in the coming weeks to read all of the latest updates. Thank you!


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Are You Looking for Music Memorabilia? Here's All You Need to Know First
6 April 2021

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep treasu

Are You Looking for Music Memorabilia? Here's All You Need to Know First

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep treasured items from your favourite music artists? Buying their music memorabilia is a great solution for that. Whether it is an autographed record, their musical instruments like guitars, their autographs, pieces of clothing, concert items like ticket stubs and photos, etc., you can always find various music memorabilia pieces or items. However, this is not always straightforward, and you can easily spend more on your purchase than you should or even end up with a fake. For this reason, you will need all the tips to find something authentic and one that works best for your budget. Here is your ultimate guide.

Narrow Down Your Options

The many types of music memorabilia available means you can easily be overwhelmed by the choices at your disposal. If you do not narrow down your options by planning exactly what you want beforehand, you will likely end up impulse buying. And since music memorabilia can be quite pricey, it is easy to spend more than what you should have. Therefore, always do some research and find out exactly what you need before deciding on the one to buy.

Price Depends on Many Factors

It is always beneficial to work with a budget when looking for music memorabilia. Therefore, understanding the elements that determine music memorabilia prices is one excellent way to help you budget accordingly. Age, rarity, condition and content are some of the top aspects that dictate music memorabilia prices. Usually, older music memorabilia pieces will cost you more than their more current or recent counterparts. That is because older pieces tend to be harder to obtain. You will also spend more on pieces that appear intact, pristine, and in overall better condition.

Rare music memorabilia pieces also tend to be more valuable. For instance, an autograph from a deceased artist is likely to fetch higher prices because of the artist's inability to continue producing any more autographs.

Pay Extra Attention to Autographs

Autographs are some of the most widely collected music memorabilia pieces. Unfortunately, this also means that they are widely forged, and most of them will even come with their certificates of authentication. You must pay extra attention when selecting autographs. The ideal solution to avoiding this trap is always to engage an expert. Experts can validate the autograph's authenticity and let you know whether you are buying a genuine piece or a fake.

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